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ESD Anti Static - Definitions

ESD = Electro Static Discharge.
Official pictogram for electro static discharge:


(Electro-) Static Dissipative:
Defines the capacity of a material to discharge electric charges through grounding. In electrostatic dissipative materials, electrons are either dispersed onto or through the material; however, the flow of electrons is contained by surface- or volume resistivity.

Electrically Conductive:
Defines the capacity of a material to conduct electricity. When a conductive material is charged, electrons are distributed equally. When two conductive materials come into contact with each other, the exchange of electrons may be so rapid as to cause a short circuit.

Surface Resisitivity:
Measuring unit for electrical resistivity on the surface of an object or material, i.e. in reverse conclusion, the degree of electric conductivity. Unit of measurement: Ohm (Ω).

Surface Potential:
Simply put, the electro static surface potential indicates the extent of the electric charge of an object or material. Generally, the surface potential is measured in Volt. As soon as an object
or material is subjected to an electric charge potential, a discharge may occur subsequently (further factors which may cause discharge are: the size of the contact area, the speed of separation, relative humidity, electric resistivity).

Humans are only able to perceive electric charges of more than 3,000 volt.

The electric charge potential, i.e. the discharge capacity respectively, highly depends on the relative humidity. The lower the relative humidity, the higher the probability of an electrostatic charge.

Electric Surface Potential at 10-20% Humidity
Electric Surface Potential at 60-95% Humidity
Walking across a carpeted floor
35,000 Volt
1,500 Volt
Walking across a vinyl floor
12,000 Volt
3,000 Volt
Walking across a linoleum floor
12,000 Volt
250 Volt
Working at a workbench
6,000 Volt
100 Volt
Paper in plastic covers
7,000 Volt
600 Volt
Plastic bags
20,000 Volt
1,200 Volt
Padded chair
18,000 Volt
1,500 Volt
Source: Data according to US Dept. of Defense Hb 263.1980

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