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ESLON®-DC Film G - Characteristics

1. Elektrostatic Characteristics
Surface Resistivity: 108 ~ 109 Ohm / ❏
Surface Potential: < 100 V
Electrostatic Discharge: < 1 sec. (at 10 kV charge)

The antistatic performance remains independently under the influence of relative humidity.

2. Flammability
Due to the nature of soft-PVC ESLON®-DC Film G is classified as self-extinguishing
(acc. to JIS K 6911).

3. Processing
Due to the nature of soft-PVC, ESLON®-DC Film G is self-extinguishing in case of fire exposure. ESLON®-DC Film G can be processed easily with the usual methods and can be welded as well.

4. Cleaning
Recommendable cleaning agents:
IPA (Isopropyle alcohol)
or purified water

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