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ESLON®-DC PVC ESD - Installation

In order to achieve an optimum effect of static dissipation, ESLON®-DC ESD PVC
should always be grounded. As a typical method, it is recommended to use a metal
contact fixed by a screw on the sheet surface, connected with a grounding wire.

In order to lower the transition resistance, care must be taken to choose a sufficiently dimensioned contact surface area between the conducting metal and the sheet surface,
i.e. a larger size washer plate or a metal hinge.

When perfectly grounded the electro static discharge time is usually less than one second. Without grounding the decay of static electricity will be delayed by up to several seconds. Generally speaking the decay time in ungrounded condition decreases by increasing size
of the ungrounded sheet.

Installation PVC

Installation PVC


Installation ESLON®-DC ESD PVC

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