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ESLON®-FM C-PVC FM4910 - General Information

C-PVC , respectively PVC-C is a post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. C-PVC offers specific advantages when in contact with highly corrosive materials and possesses a higher degree
of temperature resistance, as in comparison to standard PVC. Through the higher proportion
of chlorine, C-PVC also features an excellent flame- and chemical resistance.

Also available is an ESLON®-FM C-PVC Hard Coat version, which is resistant against contact
with organic solvents, for example acetone. All ESLON®-FM C-PVC sheets comply to the
globally required clean room approval FM4910.

FM4910 General Information

The technical norm FM4910 (FM = factory mutual) was developed by FM Global, one of the largest insurance companies for industrial facilities. FM 4910 certified materials show only
a slight degree of flame propagation (FPI: Fire Propagation Index) as well as a low extent
of smoke contamination (SDI: Smoke Damage Index).

Consequential costs caused by impurities in the event of a fire are reduced accordingly.
The verification of the use of FM4910 certified materials helps to reduce insurance
premiums for semi-conductor manufacturers and clean room operators.

Further information about typical applications you can find here.
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