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The range of applications of ESLON®-DC sheets varies from the electronics industry, automation technology, clean room technology to machine and plant construction. Due to their high transparency, our materials are particularly suited for machine enclosures, protective covers, partitions, laminar flow units, clean room storage systems and numerous additional applications. Due to the electrostatic conductivity of ESLON®-DC, even highly sensitive components are protected from uncontrolled electrostatic discharges, which may occur when non-conductive plastic materials are used. For shielding light-sensitive production processes (i.e. UV-exposure, laser beams), our product range includes a number of tinted colour variations.

The base material for the production of electronic elements, and accordingly, integrated circuits or chips, are the so-called wafers. Wafers are primarily produced from monocrystalline silicone. The production process requires an extremely clean environment (clean room production), since contamination through the most infinitesimal dust particles will negatively affect product quality. Electrostatic discharge caused by non-conductive plastic materials generates a magnetic field which attracts dust and dirt particles.

Silicone wafer in carrier box

Electronic components, such as micro processors or micro chips, may be destroyed or permanently damaged through an electrostatic discharge as low as 20 V. The super-thin integrated circuits may melt and cause a malfunction or irreparable short circuits. Electrostatic discharge significantly interferes with highly sensitive sensors, may lead to interruptions in the production process, and cause malfunctions in electronic components.

Constantly rising quality and safety standards in the electronics industry, the telecommunications industry and automotive electronics, accompanied by the miniaturization of electronic component parts combined with a higher capacity, require an elaborate ESD concept in order to avoid damages. From an entrepreneurial point of view, the subsequent time- and labour intensive removal of damaged electronic components, which may also entail expensive and compromising product recalls, must by all means be avoided. ESLON®-DC provides an important contribution to the solution of the ESD problem.

Degraded / Melted circuits



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