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Steady technical development in the electronics and semiconductor industries leads to ever-rising standards for the required materials. The focus of current discussions, among other things, is the problem of electrostatic discharge (ESD = Elektro Static Discharge).

Electric charge is generally caused by dynamic friction between two surfaces (triboelectric).
This results in a loss of electrons for the releasing surface (positive charge) and a gain in electrons for the receiving surface (negative charge).

Triboelectric charge attracts dust particles (i.e. wafer contamination). Uncontrolled static discharge leads printed circuit and component contact degradation. Antistatic materials
stand out through the fact that no static discharge is generated through friction.

Due to the high ESD sensibility of the components, it is imperative that solely materials with properties that prevent exposure are used (please refer to DIN EN Norm 61340-5-1).

Also, increasingly stringent regulations on the number of particles tolerable in clean room environments reduce the choice of materials to dust repellent surfaces, i.e. antistatic and conductive surfaces.

ESLON-DC plates are key to the solution to the ESD problem (DC = Dust Clean).

All ESLON-DC plates feature a conductive static dissipative surface coating on both sides.

With a surface resistivity of 106 - 107Ω/ □ the product is within the static dissipative range of antistatic products.

ESLON-DC plates are available in three base materials: PVC, PMMA / Acrylic and Polycarbonate. ESLON-DC plates are available in the transparent versions clear, smoked brown, orange and yellow. As a matter of course the permanent conductive coating does not affect the outstanding clarity or the excellent technical characteristics (mechanical processability) of the base materials.

The ESLON-DC Hard Coat version is recommended for areas of application with frequent exposure to chemicals (especially solvents) and a high degree of wear and tear. ESLON-DC Hard Coat is available in all three ESLON-DC types.

Typical areas of application for ESLON-DC include ESD-safe machine covers and work stations, installation in clean rooms, microelectronics, and circuit board test equipment. It goes without saying that there is no limit to the range of applications.

Also available: ESLON-MDC plastic plates for electromagnetic shielding.

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