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ESLON®-DC Film G - General Information

The antistatic soft-PVC film ESLON®-DC Film G is suitable for protective curtains in clean rooms, laminar flow curtains or as machine and equipment enclosure. ESLON®-DC Film G is supplied in rolls and available in film thicknesses of 0.3mm and 0.5mm.

Due to the nature of soft-PVC, ESLON®-DC Film G is self-extinguishing in case of fire exposure. ESLON®-DC Film G can be processed easily with the usual methods and can be welded as well.

For applications with highest demand in purity (f.e. wafer processing) and concerns on the outgassing of solvents, the application of ESLON®-DC Clean Sheet is recommended.

ESLON®-DC Film CL Clean Sheet - General Information

ESLON®-DC Clean Sheet consists of a three-layer polyethylene structure and is available in a
film thickness of 150µm. ESLON®-DC Clean Sheet emits just a 1/100-part of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in comparison to soft-PVC. Naturally ESLON®-DC Clean Sheet is free of plasticizers.

Further information about typical applications you can find here.

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