Sekisui Chemical GmbH was founded in Duesseldorf in 1962. Our company is responsible for European sales and marketing for the products of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd in Japan.

In compliance with our fundamental conviction to permanently increase customer satisfaction, we offer a number of products for various markets and applications, such as automotive, chemical, electronics (IT), special materials and medicine technology.

We see our mission in the supply of ground-breaking technology while adhering to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. To date, the Sekisui Chemical group comprises of over 200 companies with more than 18.000 employees worldwide.

Please find below a short summary of our company history.


Foundation of Sekisui Sangyo Co.,Ltd, and the start of plastics production.


The company name was changed to Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Start of injection-moulded plastic parts production.

1950er Jahre

1950 Development of the first cellophane adhesive tape produced in Japan.
1952 Mass production of rigid-PVC plastic pipes (brand name Eslon Pipe) for infrastructural applications, i.e. gas, water and electrical power supply.
1953 Listed on Osaka stock exchange; listed on Tokyo stock exchange the following year.
1955 Successful market introduction of PVC injection moulded pipe fittings.
1956 First-time market introduction of plastic eaves gutters (Eslon Rain Gutters).
1959 Opening of the first overseas branch in New York.


1962 Foundation of Sekisui Chemical GmbH in Duesseldorf as an import – export company to serve the European market.
1969 Start of plastic bathtub production.


From 1970 on, development of Japan’s first prefabricated modular house (Heim M1). To date, over 400,000 modular homes were delivered and erected. Development of polyethylene products. Sekisui Softlon, a cross-linked polyolefin foam increasingly used in electronics, automotive production and in the construction industry.
Export of technologies and expansion of production capacities in the US and in Europe.
1979 Winner of the Deming Award, the highest distinction for consistent quality management, including production, distribution and customer service.


1985 Development of ESLON-DC plastic plates for installation as glazings in clean rooms in the electronics industry.
1987 Development of a pre-fabricated modular house on a wood-based lightweight construction (Two U-Home).


Worldwide company net sales rose from 335 billion Yen (approx. 2,5 bn Euro) at the beginning of the 1980’s to more than 800 bn Yen (approx. 6 bn Euro) at the end of the decade.
1996 Implementation of a quality management system according to ISO 9000.
Opening of the first production site for interlayer safety glass film (S-LEC FILM) in the Netherlands.
1997 Sekisui 50th Anniversary
As an integral part of corporate responsibility, Sekisui actively supports nature conservation projects conforming to the guidelines of the Japanese Industry Association (Nippon Keidanren). Simultaneously, an eco-management scheme according to ISO 14001 was put into effect.
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Implementation of the so called 3-company-system: Restructuring of the corporation into the major business units Housing, Urban Infrastructure & Environment, as well as High Performance Plastics.


Opening of the first production and distribution company in China in the business segments High Performance Plastics for medicine technology and automobile components and PVB film, as well as for infrastructural applications in the public water supply and waste water disposal.


Worldwide market introduction of a noise insulating interlayer safety glass film. Erection of an associated production facility in the Netherlands.


Start of production and sales of blood collection tubes in China.


Beginning of the global distribution of pipe renovation systems. Foundation of a joint venture with H.B. Fuller (USA) for adhesive systems.


Implementation of the Midterm Management Vision Concept GS21 Go! Frontier.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL products to enhance sustainability

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Co. Ltd. has once again been recognized as one of the “100 Most Sustainable Corporation in the World (2023 Global 100)” by Corporate Knights. SEKISUI was ranked 84th and was recognized for achievements in multiple evaluation criteria, including sustainable revenue (revenue from sale of products and services that contribute significantly to the environment or society.), sustainable investment (capital expenditure and R&D), and sustainability pay link.
2023 marks the sixth consecutive year for SEKISUI on the list.